レストランやダイナーなどでの業務用として活躍した USレストランウェアの「ストレートカップ&ソーサー」が、復刻モデルで登場です。


容量約180ml とやや小ぶりで、手にも収まりのいい、丸みを帯びた柔らかなフォルムのストレートカップ。


ヴィンテージ Fire-King と同じジェダイとミルクホワイトの2カラー展開でスタートします。

We are introducing the revival model of restaurant ware, “Straight Cup and Saucer”. They were manufactured mostly in the 1950s-60s in America and were used and treasured in diners and restaurants back then.

The cup is characterized by a soft, rounded form, and is made rather compact in size (180ml in capacity), as to fit in your hand nicely.
Because of its distinctive wide handle, you can securely hold the cup.

It shares the same saucer with the other revival model of restaurant ware, “Extra Heavy Cup and Saucer”.
You can use it in sets with the saucer, or just by the straight cup itself for daily use.

Straight Cup and Saucer's smooth body and form and its translucent feel, which is the distinctive nature of milk glass, will give you a nostalgic feeling.
The product line-up comes in two colors: Jade-ite and milk white, the same colors in the vintage Fire-King.